Volunteer Opportunities


At each home game we need volunteers!  We understand you would like to watch your players game.  However, if you could come to an earlier game or stay after your players game to volunteer, it would be greatly appreciated.   Listed below are the areas we need help staffing during home games.

  1.   Concession stand
  2.   Collecting entrance fees
  3.   Help on the field moving the downs chains

(Paid position are $10 per FULL hour worked. Earn up to $50 per paid player. First come first served. Payment will be one time via check at the end of the season. See our FAQ’s page for more info)

***Volunteers do not get free drinks or food!  Sorry folks! Even our full time Staff pay for the food they eat all day.  If we give away free food we loose a lot of money and this is our only big opportunity to make money to cover our annual operating costs.  We greatly appreciate your understanding and service to our youth!!!***

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