Softball Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  When do I have to pay the registration fee?

A:  Once you are notified that your player made the team roster; you have to pay the registration fee. If you do not pay your player will lose their rostered slot and will be replaced by one of the players who were released (not rostered).

Q:  What am I required to provide equipment wise for my player?

A:   Batting helmet with facemask, Glove (appropriate to player size and playing level), cleats (no metal), fielders facemask. NOTE: All youth players are required to have a fielders facemask.  This is a safety requirement for all player positions.

Q:  Why do the players have to go through a skills assessment?

A:  Each player is evaluated on basic playing skills in relation to their age group and level of play. This is accomplished so the coaches can effectively balance out teams and identify specific skill sets needed for specific positions (catching and pitching).  In the case that YPAC has enough girls they will be split into two teams in each appropriate age division. The skills assessment ensures a proper balance on each team of varying skill levels.  If there are not enough players for two teams in an age division and there are more than the maximum 14 allowed for one team and not enough to form two teams; some players will not be rostered.

Q:  How many players can be rostered per team?

A: YPAC can only roster 14 girls per team. This is the maximum amount of players that a coach is able to rotate for required playing time. A minimum of 10 girls per team are required to roster a “team”.

Q:  What does my player do if she does not make one of the rostered YPAC Softball teams?

A: Your player is able to sign up with other little leagues in the surrounding county’s including Aurora Little League, Dearborn County Girls Softball (ask to be placed on the Rising Sun team), Madison or Carrolton.  If you want to stay closer to home they are allowed to sign up and play baseball with Markland Dam Little League. NOTE: Markland Little League no longer has softball teams. YPAC Softball is Switzerland County’s youth softball program.

Q:  Do you offer sponsorships or payment plans?

A:  NO!  YPAC is a non-profit “Pay-to-Play” sports organization.  We do not make any profit from our registration fees. Therefore, we do not have funding nor are we able to provide any “upfront” financial assistance to families. Parents who pay are invested and committed to the program upfront, come to practices, games and play the entire season.   If you need financial assistance, please plan ahead and save, contact relatives, friends, start a go-fund-me page or get a local business/church to sponsor you. 

Q:  What does the YPAC player insurance cover?

A:  YPAC insurance is “SECONDARY” to your personal insurance provider unless you don’t have personal insurance then it is the primary.  The insurance ONLY COVERS THE PLAYER during official game & practice times.  It does not cover siblings or other persons injured on the property.  Per the agreement on the registration form, neither YPAC nor the school or county park board can be held liable.  YOU are responsible for your player outside of the official game & practice times and any other guests and siblings.  i.e If a player is injured at 5:55 because they are goofing off before the official practice starts at 6:00, YPAC insurance cannot be used.

Q:  What league is YPAC softball playing with and where are away games?

A:  We are associated with the Dearborn County Little League softball and we will play games with the Aurora Little League softball teams. Games will be played at the Lawrenceburg CAP fields, Aurora fields, Rising Sun and home games at the Markland Dam Park Fields.

Q:  What if I am home schooled or live outside of Switzerland Co.?

A:  No problem!  Any child who meets the grade/age eligibility criteria may join YPAC and play fastpitch softball.  Even if you are home schooled! Priority on a roster is given to girls from Switzerland Co.

Q:  What time does my player need to be at the game?

A:  Players need to be “On the field” and ready to play 1 hour prior to the scheduled game time.

Q:  What if I am unable to get my player to practice or a game?

A:  Please do not wait until the last minute!  Please contact your coaches directly and give them at least 48 hr notice.

Q:  What time should I be at practice?

A:  Please have your player on the field and ready for practice by 15 minutes prior to start time. It is important that they are ready for practice to start on time and do not miss warm up drills and stretching.

Q:  What should I bring to practice or a game?

A:  WATER, WATER, WATER…. Batting helmet, Glove, fielders mask, pants/jersey & cleats.

Q:  It is raining/snowing, is practice or the games cancelled?

A:  Practice/games will be conducted in rain/snow unless there is lightning, then we must wait 30 minutes.  On the left of every screen, there are instructions for you to sign up for free “Text” alerts about cancelled practice and games.  Please sign up ASAP.  Contact your coach if you have not heard anything about practice or a game being cancelled.

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