Football Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Do you allow outside food or coolers?

A:  NO outside food or drink (to include “team” food unless you comply with our cooler policy!

Guests are welcome to bring personal SOFT-SIDED coolers in the stands provided the coolers’ dimensions DO NOT exceed W 12″ x L 12″ x H 8″.
A cooler fee of $10 will be charged per cooler.
HARD-SIDED coolers of any size are PROHIBITED from entering. All coolers will be inspected at all entry points and could be inspected anytime while inside of the stands. Refusal to cooperate with an inspection request will result in the cooler being refused entry or guest asked to leave the stands. NO ALCOHOL, NO GLASS BOTTLES, NO OPEN CONTAINERS! All drinks must be store purchased and SEALED before entry.
If you have a cooler for infant formula it will be free unless you are also bring in drinks & food, then it will be $10. No hand carried outside food or drinks will be permitted unless it is inside of your cooler and you pay the $10 fee.

Q:  Do you offer sponsorships or payment plans?

A:  NO!  YPAC is a non-profit “Pay-to-Play” sports organization.  We do not make any profit from our registration fees. Therefore, we do not have funding nor are we able to provide any “upfront” financial assistance to families. Parents who pay are invested and committed to the program upfront, come to practices, games and play the entire season.   If you need financial assistance, please plan ahead and save, contact relatives, friends, start a go-fund-me page or get a local business/church to sponsor you. Check out our financial assistance program explained below!

Q:  Do you have a financial assistance program?

A:  YES!  If you need financial assistance, we do offer a way for you to “earn” up to $50.00 of your registration fees back. This is completely up to you and you must pay in full upfront during registration! Any parent/guardian who volunteers to work during our home games in either the concession stand or taking money at the entrance gate will be paid $10.00 for each FULL hour worked not to exceed $50 total for the season per registered player. (one check per person will be cut after the last home game)  YPAC will ensure 4 spots per game are available (3 games a day=12 spots per home game) for those wanting to earn some money back. Sign-ups will be on a first come-first served basis for each home game. You can always work as a non-paid volunteer also! We certainly will not turn away help! So if you could earn up to $50 back by helping us!!!

Q: Why does it cost so much per player and why no multiple player discount?

A: The registration fee is low compared to other football leagues in our area and other sports (Aurora: $120 Equipment only you supply practice uniform / Madison: $75 equipment only you supply practice uniform and game pants / some leagues require $150 or more deposit for equipment). For example, the cost for youth baseball/softball is $55 at Markland. Out of that $55, you are given a hat & t-shirt only. You supply the rest of your players gear (Glove, helmet, bat, pants, socks etc.). For $100, YPAC provides your player with medical insurance, a game jersey with matching socks & pants with integrated pads in the pants, a practice jersey & practice pants, helmet & shoulder pads. Approx $7 from the $100 is left over after buying game uniforms & paying for medical insurance. That $7 is applied to replace practice uniforms, shoulder pads & helmets (not near enough to cover these costs) We also pay for required home game referees ($3,000 per season) and replacing any damaged training equipment or lost gear. We lose money on each $100 registration!

Q:  When can parents, guests or siblings be on the field?

A:  NEVER!  This rule is strictly enforced by the Greater Northern Central Kentucky Youth Football League (GNCKYFL) & YPAC.  YPAC will be fined and the violator will be removed from that game/practice and could be banned for future games/practices depending on how serious the violation was.  Only players, coaches and badge wearing GNCKYFL/YPAC staff are ever authorized on the field.

Q:  Can girls play?

A:  Yes!   YPAC is co-ed.

Q:  What does the YPAC player insurance cover?

A:  YPAC insurance is “SECONDARY” to your personal insurance provider unless you don’t have personal insurance then it is the primary.  The insurance ONLY COVERS THE PLAYER during official game & practice times.  It does not cover siblings or other persons injured on the property.  Per the agreement on the registration form, neither YPAC nor the school can be held liable.  YOU are responsible for your player outside of the official game & practice times and any other guests and siblings.  i.e If a player is injured at 5:55 because they are goofing off before the official practice starts at 6:00, YPAC insurance cannot be used.

Q:  I do not have a printer at home, how can I get a physical form?

A:  Ask a friend, relative or neighbor, ask your boss if you can print it at work, you can print it at the local library for $0.10 a page, you can “download” the form to your phone, thumb drive or SD card and print it at a local office supply store.

Q:  Where can my player get a sports physical?

A:  First check with your family practitioner.  You can also contact the Nurse Managed Clinic in Vevay or the Kroger Little Clinic.  Payment amounts vary and depend on your insurance provider.

Q:  Is there a cheerleading program this year?

A:  Short answer; NO.  YPAC is a “Football” organization and we focus solely on putting together and operating one of the greatest youth football programs around our area.  Therefor, we do not have a cheerleading program and do not want to organize & operate one under the “YPAC” name.  However, if someone is interested in putting together a cheer program, they can bring it to the YPAC Board for approval. The proposal must include how your organization will be structured, who is in charge, how you will be funded, insured etc.  If the proposal is approved, you will be a “stand alone” organization and will not be associated with YPAC.  YPAC will draft a contract for you to abide by during the season and you must agree to abide by all YPAC and GNCKYFL rules!

Q:  What league is YPAC playing with and where are away games?

A:  We are associated with the Greater Northern Central Kentucky Youth Football League (GNCKYFL).  Therefore, we play our away games at several schools in Northern Kentucky.

BRACKEN COUNTY- Bracken County High School      GALLATIN COUNTY- Gallatin County High School   GRANT COUNTY—Grant County High School    OWEN COUNTY—Owen County Elementary (the old high school)    PENDLETON COUNTY—Pendleton County Athletic Park (behind McDonalds)    TRIMBLE COUNTY- Trimble County High School  SWITZERLAND COUNTY – Switzerland County High School  FRANKFORT – Frankfort, KY youth fields.

Q:  What if I am home schooled or live outside of Switzerland Co.?

A:  No problem!  Any child who meets the grade/age eligibility criteria may join YPAC and play tackle football.  ***If there is a team in your county associated with the Greater Northern Central Kentucky Youth Football League (GNCKYFL) then you MUST play in your county***  If roster limits are met, priority will go to players from Switzerland Co.

Q:  Is there a weight limit or age limit?

A:  Yes!  Weight: Players weighing over 85 lbs (8U), 110 lbs (10U), 140 lbs (12U) are still eligible to play but only in certain positions. Their helmets will be marked with orange tape so they can easily be identified.  AGE: Players need to be the appropriate age of the category they are playing in on or before December 31 of that season year.  8U must be 5 yrs old on or before Aug 1st. See the age categories on the registration page.

Q:  What time does my player need to be at the game?

A:  Players need to be “On the field” and ready to play 1 hour prior to the scheduled game time.

Q:  What if I am unable to get my player to practice or a game?

A:  Please do not wait until the last minute!  Please contact your coaches directly and give them at least 48 hr notice.

Q:  What time should I be at practice?

A:  Please have your player on the field and ready for practice by 5:50 p.m. It is important that they are ready for practice to start on time and do not miss warm up drills and stretching.

Q:  What should I bring to practice or a game?

A:  WATER, WATER, WATER…. Football helmet w/mouth piece, shoulder pads, pants/jersey & cleats.

Q:  What if my equipment is broken or lost?

A:  Please contact one of your coaches ASAP and report the issue.

Q:  It is raining/snowing, is practice or the games cancelled?

A:  Practice/games will be conducted in rain/snow unless there is lightning, then we must wait 30 minutes.  On the left of every screen, there are instructions for you to sign up for free “Text” alerts about cancelled practice and games.  Please sign up ASAP.  Contact your coach if you have not heard anything about practice or a game being cancelled.

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