Football Game Schedule

No scheduled has been posted for the 2020/2021 season yet!


Each player is required to make an “Official” weigh-in during the jamboree.  If a player does not show, Green tape will be placed on their helmet and they are not eligible to play any position which the would involve touching the football.  Please coordinate in advance with your coaches ASAP if you need a ride or have a scheduling conflict and cannot make the jamboree!  There is NO MAKE UP day after the Jamboree!

WHEN SHOULD I SHOW UP:  Have your player at the field and ready 1 hour prior to the game start time!  Your listed “show time” is when you need to be at the field.  It is important that they are ready for the game to start on time and do not miss warm up drills and stretching.  Unless otherwise stated, game start times are 8U 1:30, 10U 3:00 & 12U 4:30.

WHAT  TO BRING  TO A GAME:  WATER, WATER, WATER…. Football helmet w/mouth piece, shoulder pads, game pants/jersey & cleats.

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Games will be conducted in rain/snow unless there is lightning, then we must wait 30 minutes.  ***  On the left of every screen, there are instructions for you to sign up for free “Text” alerts about cancelled practice and games.  Please sign up ASAP.  Contact your coach if you have not heard anything about practice or a game being cancelled.

We are associated with the Greater Northern Central Kentucky Youth Football League (GNCKYFL). Therefore, we play our away games at several schools in Northern Kentucky.

BRACKEN COUNTY– Bracken County High School GALLATIN COUNTY– Gallatin County High School GRANT COUNTY—Grant County High School OWEN COUNTY—Owen County Elementary (the old high school) PENDLETON COUNTY—Pendleton County Athletic Park (behind McDonalds) TRIMBLE COUNTY– Trimble County High School FRANKFORT – Frankfort, KY sports complex

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