Football Registration


Registration is first come, first served!  Players will be added to a roster in order of when they registered (date/time).  YPAC has set a roster limit of 25 players for the 8U age group and 35 for the 10U & 12U age group! Once we hit the roster limits, we will stop registrations for that age group.  


We have put together a process to attempt to prevent you from losing your registration fee’s.  YPAC will make every attempt possible to ensure we are having a season before we get past a point where a refund is not an option. We will communicate updates to you through the e-mail address that you provide during registration. Our plan is as follows and is due to sudden change depending on state & local COVID-19 guidance put out in the future.

1: YPAC will extend registration until July 15.  We are able to start the season in IN and the KY league is still waiting on their Governors update on July 15 buy they say we will have a season.  As of June 24, we WILL begin practice as scheduled on Tues July 7 @ 6pm on the HS practice field by the blue barn.  Parents must remain in the cars or leave school property during practice.  NO ONE beside coaches and players can be on the field or out of their vehicles near the field.  The parent meeting will still take place in the HS cafeteria as scheduled during the first practice.  Only 1 parent per player can attend.  No siblings or extra people will be permitted to attend.  Gear issue has been moved to Saturday July 25 at the HS cafeteria by appointment only.

2:  After July 15 when we hear the KY return to play plan, YPAC will again assess the outlook of the season.  If KY has outlined a plan for youth football and the KY league has a good plan for a season, we will make the uniform order.  If it looks like the season may be delayed for a few more weeks, we will hold off ordering uniforms and reassess again at a later date.  Bottom line…. We will make sure we get a clear confirmation that we are having a season before we order uniforms.  If we have not ordered uniforms and we cancel at this point, a refund will be given minus a $3.20 credit card processing fee and we will set a date to turn in gear.  After the uniforms are ordered, a refund will not be possible.

3:  If for some reason a season does not get off the ground in KY.  We are looking at doing a short season ourselves.  We will use practice jerseys and pants and will not order uniforms.  We are undecided if we will charge a small fee to help cover our player insurance but it will not be the full $100 registration fee like a regular season.  We will still hold practice and will attempt to setup scrimmage games with other IN teams.  A few camps may also be planned.  The idea is to still work on basic football fundamentals in order for players to grow for next season.

EVERYTHING SOLEY DEPENDS ON COVID-19 GUIDELINES BUT WE WILL MAKE EVERY ATTEMPT TO ENSURE WE HAVE A SEASON BEFORE WE SPEND YOUR REGISTRATION FEES!  Once we officially start the season and order uniforms, a refund is no longer an option.  We will keep you informed along the way and we appreciate your patience and understanding!


Football 8U (8 & Under)Football 10U (10 & Under)Football 12U (12 & Under)
5 - 8 yrs Must be 5 on or before Aug 1 but cannot turn 9 before Dec 319 - 10 Yrs Cannot turn 11 before Dec 3111 - 12 Yrs Cannot turn 13 before Dec 31, cannot be in the 7th grade
First 25 players registered
8U is at full capacity! We are not allowing any more 8U players!
First 35 players registeredFirst 35 players registered

***Player weighing over 85 lbs (8U), 110 lbs (10U), 140 lbs (12U are still eligible to play but only in certain positions***
Eligibility is based on the players age. Player must be the age listed in the options above ON OR BEFORE DEC 31 (8U must at least be 5 yrs old on or before Aug 1). (You must play in your age category, you cannot play up an age group. For example 1: A player turning 9 yrs old on or before Dec 31 is not eligible to play in 8U and must play on the 10U team. Example 2: A player turning 12 yrs old on or before Dec 31 is eligible to play on the 12U. A player who turns 13 yrs on or before Dec 31 or going into 7th grade regardless of age is not eligible.


Fee per PlayerRegistration DeadlineLate Reg FeeLate Reg Deadline
$100.00July 15, 2020$140.00Aug 1, 2020


Late registrations should be RARE! July 16 – Aug 1 is “Late Registration”! We cannot guarantee your game uniform will arrive before games start and you must attend 10 practices before you can play.  After Aug 1, is “Super Late Registration” and YPAC will only allow super late registration on a case-by-case basis in-person (no online registrations after Aug 1).  Super late registrations will be approved for reasons such as:  The player recently moved to Switzerland Co., or was away at another family members home in another state per a custody agreement.  They will not be approved simply because you were not sure you wanted to play or didn’t hear about registration.  Again, this should be a rare situation!  The GNCKYFL allows teams to add players to the roster up until the day of the second game of the season.  However, you will not be able to join and immediately play!  You will need to attend 10 practices and may not play in games until the coaching staff feels it is safe for you to play.  If after the Jamboree (official weigh-in), you will be flagged with green tape on your helmet and unable to run the ball or play quarterback, fullback, halfback, wide receiver etc.  Your game uniform will not be available for 1-3 weeks or more depending on the companies workload.  So you are paying $140 and not playing the full season and limited to a few playing positions!


YPAC is a non-profit, pay-to-play organization and we do not make any profit from our registration fees.  Therefore, we do not have funding nor are we able to provide any “upfront” financial assistance to families.  If you need financial assistance, we do offer a way for you to “earn” up to $50.00 of your registration fees back throughout the year.  This is completely up to you and you must pay in full upfront!  Any parent/guardian who volunteers to work during our home games in either the concession stand or taking money at the entrance gate will be paid $10.00 for each FULL game worked not to exceed $50 total for the season. (one check per person will be cut after the last home game).  YPAC will ensure 4 spots per game are available (3 games a day=12 spots per home game) for those wanting to earn some money back.  Sign-ups will be on a first come-first served basis for each home game.  You can always work as a non-paid volunteer also!  We certainly will not turn away help!  So if you register on-time for $100 you could earn up to $50 back!!!


There are two MANDATORY events that at least one parent and player must attend before being able to practice.

Event #1 – Equipment Issue: July 25 (Saturday) / (8) half hour sessions from 3 – 7 p.m. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR A TIME SLOT IN STEP 6 BELOW!  Gear will be issued in the HS cafeteria.  This date is for equipment issue (Helmet, pads, practice uniform), measurement for game uniform, birth certificate & physical turn in. We will have gently used cleats to swap.  If you miss this meeting, your registration will be changed to a “Late Registration” and you will need to pay an additional $40 ($140 total) because your uniform will not be ordered and will need to be placed as a special order. It could delay you being able to play since you will not have a uniform. If you register and are unable to attend this date, YPAC needs to know in advance so arrangements can be made to at least measure your player for their game uniform before July 25.

Event #2 – Parent / Player briefing: Jul 7 (Tues) / 6:30 p.m. @ the HS cafeteria during the first official practice! ONLY 1 PARENT PER PLAYER MAY ATTEND, NO SIBLINGS OR EXTRA PEOPLE MAY ATTEND.  (Players will start practice at 6pm, parents will go to the cafeteria and sign in) This event is critical for your family, player and guests who attend practice or games. It is intended to clearly inform you of the games rules, YPAC/GNCKYFL rules of behavior, practice schedules, injury protocol, player safety and parent/player expectations. You will meet YPAC staff and coaches this night. If you miss this briefing, you cannot participate in practice until the Athletic Director or Board President cover these topics with you and your player! ***Please make this briefing or ensure one parent or guardian can make it***


NOTE:  If you register and do not pay in full, you are NOT registered and you will not be placed on a roster.  NO check, cash or paper registration!  We accept credit or debit card ONLINE only!

Step 1:  Get a physical! COVID-19 UPDATE: If you have a physical from last year it is good for this year according to the IHSAA! If you played with us last year, we have your physical on file already and you are good to go!

HOWEVER:  ALL PLAYERS MUST FILL OUT A COVID-19 Health form and sign the COVID-19 RELEASE!  Must be turned in BEFORE you can practice. We will collect these forms during the parent meeting.

IHSAA COVID-19 Health update & release form

Print the IHSAA Physical form and take it and your player to a physician to be medically cleared for playing tackle football.  The physical form MUST be signed by a Doctor or Physician. Must be on file before the first official practice!  ***If you are unable to print from home you can use the library, work, friend etc.***NO ONE can practice until a physical form has been verified and filed with YPAC*** 

 IHSAA Physical Form

Step 2:  Go to the “Parents/Players Info” tab for links to the “Concussion Fact Sheets” for players and parents, the “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Fact Sheet” and read the “Parent/Players Code of Conduct”.  Please ensure you and your player read these fact sheets!

Step 3:  Make a copy of the players birth certificate to verify age. (No exceptions)  (FYI… If you played last year, we have your birth certificate on file already)

Step 4:  To complete your registration, mail the completed physical form & a copy of the birth certificate (if a new player) to YPAC P.O. Box 310, Vevay, IN 47043 OR bring it with you on the scheduled equipment issue date OR at the first official practice. (See the “Schedules” tab).

STEP 5:  Register your cell phone number with the Sports You APP.  The APP can be downloaded from the Apple or Google play store.  Enter code D8XHNNJP to join YPAC Sports!  If you don’t register your phone, you will miss important updates on practice time changes, rain cancellations etc.  THIS IS HOW WE COMMUNICATE WITH YOU!

STEP 6: Once you are registered, go to the home page and use the link in the COVID-19 update to select a time session and a slot for gear issue.  1 slot per player! If you have more than one player, sign up for more than one slot in the same session.  PLEASE USE THE PLAYERS NAME and your e-mail address.

Current Volunteer Sign-up Sheets

No sheets currently available at this time.

STEP 7: Follow the link below and complete the ONLINE FORM and make full payment through PayPal (Once you SUBMIT your information on the form, you can log in to PayPal if you have an account or just click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” if you don’t have an account). Must be paid in full before the above listed deadline to qualify for the regular registration rate! ***If you show up to register or pay at equipment issue, you will be considered as a LATE registration since it is past the registration deadline*** You can use a computer, table or cell phone to register! (Complete one form per player. If you have multiple players, the system requires 1 form and 1 payment be made per player)

 Online Registration Form

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