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LEAGUE & GAME LOCATIONS:  YPAC is associated with Dearborn County Little League Softball.  We may also play games against the Aurora Little League softball teams & other area teams as the schedule permits. Away games will be played at the Lawrenceburg CAP fields, Aurora fields & Rising Sun fields.  Home games will be at the Markland Dam Fields.

TEAM CLASSIFICATION:  These teams are classified as recreational “C” level beginners teams.  We are not “Elite travel softball” teams.  YPAC formed these fastpitch softball teams to bolster the diminishing number of girls who were playing in the county.  These teams are a feeder program for the middle and high school programs.  Focus at these age groups will be on fundamentals and the love of the game.  We will not register & travel for USSSA tournament play outside of the league scheduled games!

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT:  Batting helmet with facemask, Glove (appropriate to player size and playing level), cleats (no metal), fielders facemask. NOTE: All youth players are required to have a fielders facemask. This is a safety requirement for all player positions.

WHO CAN PLAY:  Any girl meeting the age restrictions listed below can play!  Home schoolers are welcome also!

GAME & PRACTICE SCHEDULE:  To be determined!  (Games will start at the end of April and will be played throughout June)


Softball 8USoftball 10USoftball 12U
7 - 8 yrs old9 - 10 Yrs old11 - 12 Yrs old

Eligibility is based on the players age. Player must be the age listed in the options above ON OR BEFORE January 1st, 2020. For example: A player who is 9 yrs old on or before January 1st, 2020 is not eligible to play in 8U and must play on the 10U team. Players CANNOT play down one age level. Players can only play up one age level if additional players are needed to make a team at that specific age group. That will only be determined by the softball director after all players attend the skills assessments.


Skills Assessment FeeAssessment Reg DeadlineFee once notified Jan 24-26, 2020 of making a rosterPayment Deadline once notified
FREEJanuary 19, 2020$80.00January 28, 2020

YPAC can only roster 14 girls per team. This is the maximum amount of players that a coach is able to rotate for required playing time. A minimum of 10 girls per team are required to roster a “team”.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE:  YPAC does not offer any financial assistance for softball.  YPAC is a non-profit “Pay-to-Play” sports organization. We do not make any profit from our registration fees. Therefore, we do not have funding nor are we able to provide any “upfront” financial assistance to families. Parents who pay are invested, committed to the program upfront, come to practices, games and play the entire season. If you need financial assistance, please plan ahead and save, contact relatives, friends, start a go-fund-me page or get a local business/church to sponsor you individually.

WHAT DOES THE COST COVER:  The $80 fee covers your players medical insurance & a full professional uniform!  YPAC player insurance is “secondary” to any plan you already have or “primary” if you do not have coverage.  It covers the player only during official practice or game times.


Registration is FREE for the skills assessments!  (Players WILL NOT be rostered if they miss the assessments!  YPAC DOES NOT have late registration for softball)  EACH PLAYER MUST ATTEND A SKILLS ASSESSMENT!

Each player is evaluated on basic playing skills in relation to their age group and level of play. This is accomplished so the coaches can effectively balance out teams and identify specific skill sets needed for specific positions (catching, pitching, infield & outfield). In the case that YPAC has enough players, they will be split into two teams in each of the appropriate age groups. The skills assessment ensures a proper balance on each team of varying skill levels. If there are not enough players for two teams in an age group and there are more than 14 players at the skills assessment for that age group, unfortunately some players will not be rostered.  The minimum is 10 players per team and the maximum is 14 players.  ***If your player does not make a YPAC roster, they are still able to sign up with other teams in the surrounding county’s***


Age GroupDateTimeLocation
8U (7-8 yrs olds)January 21, 20207 - 8:30PMSCES Gym
10U (9-10 yrs olds)January 22, 20207 - 8:30PMSCES Gym
12U (11-12 yrs olds)January 23, 20207 - 8:30PMSCES Gym

WHAT TO WEAR & BRING FOR SKILLS ASSESSMENTS:  REQUIRED: Gym shoes (no cleats), comfortable clothing, glove, water bottle.  OPTIONAL: Bat, batting helmet and fielders mask. ***if you have catchers gear, please bring it with you for the assessment***


NOTICE OF MAKING A ROSTER:  Rosters will be announced between January 24-26, 2020.  Once you are notified that your player made a team roster; you must pay the registration fee of $80.00 NLT January 28, 2020. If you do not pay by this date, your player will lose their rostered slot and will be replaced by one of the players who were released (not rostered).  Payment will be via credit/debit card only through the YPAC website.  A link will be set up on Jan 24 for payments.  ***we do not accept cash or checks***

MANDATORY PARENT MEETING / UNIFORM SIZING:  Thursday, January 30th 6 -8:30PM @ SCMS Cafeteria –  If you made a roster, this meeting is MANDATORY as it serves several important roles.  During the meeting, the league rules will briefly be covered, you will be given parent and player expectations, meet with your coaches and most importantly you will be measured for your game uniform.  If you are unable to attend this meeting, please contact the softball director and your coach ASAP so arrangements can be made in advance to measure your player for their game uniform before the uniform order is submitted.

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