Late Registration


After Aug 1, 2019 is “Super Late Registration” and YPAC will only allow super late registration on a case-by-case basis in-person (no online registrations after Aug 1). Super late registrations will be approved for reasons such as: The player recently moved to Switzerland Co., or was away at another family members home in another state per a custody agreement. They will not be approved simply because you were not sure you wanted to play or didn’t hear about registration.


You will not be able to join and immediately play! You will need a physical and copy of your birth certificate before you can attend a practice.  You will need to attend 10 practices and may not play in games until the coaching staff feels it is safe for you to play. At this point you missed the Mandatory weigh-in and there is NO make up day. Your player will be flagged with green tape on your helmet and unable to run the ball or play quarterback, fullback, halfback, wide receiver etc. the entire season. Your game uniform will not be available for 1-2 weeks or more depending on the companies workload. So you are paying $140 and not playing the full season and limited to a few playing positions if you miss the Jamboree!


Late registration fee is $140.  We must rush order late registrant uniforms.  We will not order your uniform until you pay in FULL via cash, credit or your check clears our bank.  Rush order takes 5-7 days from the date you make full payment (If back-ordered could take 1-2 weeks).


Football U8 (Under 8)Football U10 (Under 10)Football U12 (Under 12)
Grades K-2nd / 5 - 7 yrsGrades 3rd-4th / 8 - 9 YrsGrades 5th-6th / 10 - 11 Yrs

***Player weighing over 85 lbs (U8), 110 lbs (U10), 140 lbs (U12) are still eligible to play but only in certain positions***

Eligibility is based on the players grade (2019/2020 school year [next year]), then age. Player must be the age listed in the options above ON OR BEFORE JUNE 1st, 2019.  For example 1: A player in 2nd grade but on or before Jun 1st, 2019 is 8 yrs old is not eligible to play in U8 and must play on the U10 team.  Example 2: A player in 6th grade but on or before Jun 1st, 2019 is 12 yrs old, is not eligible to play in U12.


YPAC is a non-profit, pay-to-play organization and we do not make any profit from our registration fees. Therefore, we do not have funding nor are we able to provide any “upfront” financial assistance to families. If you need financial assistance, we do offer a way for you to “earn” up to $50.00 of your registration fees back throughout the year. This is completely up to you and you must pay in full upfront! Any parent/guardian who volunteers to work during our home games in either the concession stand or taking money at the entrance gate will be paid $10.00 for each FULL game worked not to exceed $50 total for the season. (one check per person will be cut after the last home game). YPAC will ensure 4 spots per game are available (3 games a day=12 spots per home game) for those wanting to earn some money back. Sign-ups will be on a first come-first served basis for each home game. You can always work as a non-paid volunteer also! We certainly will not turn away help! So if you register on-time for $100 you could earn up to $50 back!!!


Contact a staff member ASAP from our “contact us” or our “staff page”.  Registration will be in person only!